Fisher Price Twirlin' Tumblin' Fun Park

Fisher Price Twirlin’ Tumblin’ Fun Park

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Rented, Available on 20 August 2017

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Fisher Price Twirlin’ Tumblin’ Fun Park

Age range 6-36 months

Product Information:
Let’s get ready to tumble! It’s a whole amusement park of action-packed fun, ready to keep baby entertained while helping develop key skills. Baby can place them on the ramp for end-over-end action, or on the magic steps for pop-up, tumble-down fun! Batting the roller or pressing the star brings the ferris wheel to life with lights, music and spinning motion. Smiling tumblers are easy to grasp and shake for clickety-clack sounds. Requires 3 C batteries.

Develop & Learn:

Bat-at roller
•Batting at the roller brings the ferris wheel to life, helping baby learn about cause & effect

End-over-end action
•Watching the tumblers flip end-over-end or pop up the steps is great for eye tracking!

Tumblers to shake & move
•Figuring out how to activate sounds & tumbling action helps baby practice thinking skills

Music & lights
•As the ferris wheel lights up & spins, music & sounds play, enhancing baby’s senses

• Cause & effect
• Eye tracking
• Thinking skills

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