MON-SUN: 10.00 - 21:00
MON-SUN: 10.00 - 21:00

Animal Attractions

It’s a place to roam

Get in touch and interact with our animals

Get to know them by touching and feeding them. Meet them in different zones and let yourself be amazed at their presence and movements.

Animal Encounter

What does it feel like to touch snakes, madagascar cockroaches, and stick insect with your own hands? Here you can experience interesting interactions with them!

Touch Pool

Let them feel your love through simple touch of your hand. Introduce yourself to the Brown Banded Bamboo Shark, Blue Starfish, Turbo Snail, and other gentle animals.

  Location: Touch and Find Zone 

Meerkat Feeding

Wanna see how TIMON from Lion King really looks like? Come and see our deserts and grasslands of the southern tip of Africa, you can feed these extremely social animals only at Jakarta Aquarium & Safari

Otter Tunnel

Come and meet our utterly amazing Otters who are not only fun creatures, but also highly intelligent. Take a peek of their daily activities through the glass tunnel. Who knows, you will find them holding hands while sleeping.

  Location: Otter Exhibition

Macaw Close Encounter

The largest parrots are incredibly beautiful, they can live for more than 80 years, get a chance to have a close encounter with our beautiful macaw bird.

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